Most Popular Bracelets

Most Popular Bracelets Right Now for Men & Women

All the fashion experts out there would agree when we say that jewellery never goes out of style. Sure, jewellery trends rise and drop but they always seem to make their way back. That’s right! You will always find your favorite pieces at the forefront of your personal collections.

Since the wedding season in Pakistan is just around the corner, it’s time you invested in luxury jewellery. There are different types of jewellery that men and women are popularly found to be interested in during the wedding festive season. Luxury bracelets are among these types. But what are the most popular bracelets right now? Don’t worry, we have curated this article to answer just that! In this article, we will go through the trendiest bracelet designs to get your look book sorted this festive season.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

  1. Beaded Bracelets

Our research shows that during the festive season, the sale of beaded bracelets goes up. Even when you want to buy popular bracelets online in Pakistan, beaded bracelets will show up. That’s because they are higher in demand in comparison to other types. However, you must note that beaded bracelets are popular for a reason. They are not only durable and affordable but also extremely versatile.

You can pair a beaded bracelet with a casual outfit. Yes, you heard it right. These bracelets can go with any type of outfit as long as the color scheme is well-matched. So, when looking to buy popular bracelets online in Pakistan, consider beaded bracelets.

  1. Leather Bracelets

For men, leather bracelets are considered a classy choice. These bracelets are not only sleek but also elegant. Due to this, leather bracelets are one of the most popular bracelet styles. So, when you buy men’s jewellery online, consider popular jewellery brands like The Glam Cart.

Pro-tip: Pairing your leather bracelets up with other leather accessories can do wonders. Let’s suppose that your outfit includes a pair of jeans. You can throw in a leather belt and boots to go with it. But you need to be careful about the color of leather. For example, if your bracelet is made of brown leather then your belt and boots must match it. However, if you don’t play by the rules then you can go for whatever color you want.

  1. Anchor Bracelets

If you wear a lot of bracelets then you must know those anchor bracelets are very popular. In fact, their popularity grew recently when celebrities like Kylie Jenner adorned those. Anchor bracelets are not only cool but also very affordable.

Besides this, anchor bracelets are called symbols of strength. That’s because an anchor represents stability and power. In the ancient pirate culture, the word ‘anchor’ was used to depict strength against stormiest weather and the biggest of waves. Interestingly, anchor bracelets are not limited to gender like the way they were a while back. Now, people of all genders and cultures invest in them. So, if you haven’t already, this might be your cue.

  1. Macrame Bracelets

Macrame bracelets are getting increasingly popular. Especially among teenagers. Let’s discuss why. Macrame bracelets are made out of rope which is why they are water-resistant. This makes them great for daily use. So, if you don’t like having a bunch of options that you have to pick out on a daily basis, then Macrame bracelets can save you a lot of time.

One amazing feature of the Macrame bracelet is that its length is adjustable. This means that one Macrame bracelet can fit wrists of all sizes. They are also perfect for a stacked bracelet look.

To check out some amazing options in Macrame bracelets, visit bestseller jewellery brands like The Glam Cart. From such brands, you can now easily buy popular bracelets online in Pakistan.

  1. Balance Bracelets

These bracelets are quite popular among young men these days. Since the pursuit of a strong mindset and a healthy lifestyle has been thriving among people, so has the acceptance of balance bracelets.

Interesting Fact: Beaded balance bracelets are the most popular types of balance bracelets. They are made out of natural stones. The base color of the stones etched in these bracelets is usually neutral.

There is one popular trend in beaded balance bracelets these days. It is that beads of seven different colors are used to curate minimalistic bracelets. Such bracelets can be worn with any outfit.

  1. Bangle Bracelets

Mostly worn by women, bangle bracelets are hard and great for formal outfits. These bracelets fit quite loosely on your wrists. Interestingly, bangle bracelets are known for making your wrists look slimmer. That’s because they create an optical illusion since they’re from the bulkiest end of women’s bracelets.

You can also pair your bangle bracelets with a wristwatch to add a classy touch to your outfit.

  1. Cuff Bracelets

These bracelets are like bangle bracelets, only slightly different. How? They have an open front/back. Just like bangle bracelets, you can match these with cuff bracelets. You can adjust the length of cuff bracelets according to your wrist properly.

The most fun part about these bracelets is that they have detailed endings. You can get your hands on such bracelets at all amazing jewellery stores online. One such example is The Glam Cart from where you can buy popular bracelets online in Pakistan.

Top 5 Reasons to Go For a Loose Night Dress When Going to Sleep

Medical experts suggest people opt for comfortable sleepwear for sound sleep. It is deemed essential because of various factors. One significance is how it affects the quality of your sleep. Sleep deprivation is believed to further lead to rapid mood swings. Besides, your health is affected because of it too. How? Experts believe that high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, strokes, and obesity are some of the most common side effects of sleep deprivation. So, if you are not getting proper sleep regularly then one of these side effects might develop. 

Therefore, to ensure a good night’s sleep for yourself, invest in comfortable sleepwear. You can now even buy night dresses online in Pakistan. Brands like The Glam Cart offer diverse collections of night suits online in Pakistan. So, purchasing comfortable sleepwear is no longer a hassle. But if you are still a little fuzzy on why you should buy nightdresses that are comfortable, that’s okay! In this article, we will cover the major reason why this is recommended by doctors. Let’s see discuss each one of these reasons in detail:

1. Wearing a Loose Night Dress Keeps You Comfortable

It’s no surprise that a loose nightdress would keep you all comfy and cozy in bed. However, how does that affect your health? The moisture of your body doesn’t stay locked in when you wear a loose night suit. Your body can stay at ease which helps with blood circulation. 

In comparison to a loose nightdress, a tight one can restrict the moisture of your body. This can be very irritating and you might develop a rash soon. Doctors advise women, specifically, to avoid wearing undergarments when sleeping. This is because around your genitals you can develop a rash. All because the blood is unable to circulate properly. 

You can select a loose-fit nightdress from The Glam Cart night suit collection. So, if you want to buy night dresses online in Pakistan, we are your best shot.

2. Maintain Your Body Temperature

Your body temperature goes up when you wear tight clothes. This can lead to additional irritation during sleep. Hence, it is important to select the right type of dress before you go to sleep. While sleeping, your body temperature should stay cool. Let’s suppose that it’s winter then you should still wear a loose-fit. Why? Because at night your body temperature will increase regardless of the season. This can potentially dehydrate you while you are asleep. So, if you are planning on sleeping for more than 8 hours then you will wake up severely dehydrated. 

You should wear a comfortable nightdress and take a blanket over it in winter. However, in summers, go for airy fabrics and loose-fit night suits. 

3. Loose-Fit Night Dresses Help Blood Circulation

As mentioned earlier, tight night suits are not beneficial for your blood circulation. Opting for tight nightwear can result in numbing the limbs very easily. The muscles in your shoulders can also harden easily. This happens due to the lack of movement while you change sides in your sleep. 

Let’s suppose that you slept in a dress that is tight around the belly region. Experts believe that is very likely to limit blood circulation in your digestive system. Due to all this, it is imperative for you to have a comfortable body posture. This helps your blood circulation and your body organs are able to function properly.

Buy night dresses online in Pakistan at The Glam Cart. We offer some of the comfiest night suits online in Pakistan. So, don’t wait and bag them now!

4. The Use of Soft Fabrics Means No Irritation

When you wear soft fabrics while sleeping, you sleep soundly. That is because there is no rough fabric irritating your skin. Soft fabrics are comparatively airy, so opt for them when selecting a sleeping suit. 

The night suits that The Glam Cart offers are made of breathable fabrics. This is to ensure our customers’ comfort. Therefore, whether you are buying night dresses online in Pakistan from us or some other brand, opt for flexible fabrics. Also, the fabrics that you choose must be in accordance with the season.

Here are the fabrics that you should consider when buying sleepwear:

  • Cotton
  • Polar Fleece
  • Linen
  • Silk

5. Your Mood Improves Too

You see when you sleep well then you wake up fresh, in a great mood. This is because your REM sleep and moods are interlinked. According to physicians, a good night’s sleep always leads to a great mood. This is why they recommend that you must take all steps necessary for a sound sleep. Sleeping in a comfortable suit is one of these steps. 

Pro-tip: dim the lights, if not turn them off completely, before you sleep. It helps you in sleeping and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Another thing you can do is light some scented candles. However, don’t forget to blow them off before sleeping. Take all these tips to make the room quieter for yourself. That’s because the more peaceful it is, the better. 

The reasons provided so far show why wearing a loose, comfy nightdress is important when going to sleep. It is possible that you might not be able to find your favorite pick right away. Especially if you are an online shopper. However, brands like The Glam Cart have certainly got you covered. You can now buy night suits online in Pakistan easily from such brands. Brands like ours are just a google search away. So, make sure you have the right keywords and the right idea in your mind before you set out to buy night dresses online in Pakistan.

Good luck!

7 Great Ways To Style Your Favorite Loungewear

After a year of work from home, it is certainly exciting to go out into the world again. In fact, the world has been waiting for this time with patience. However, there is only one big, fat problem that stands in your way of going out after so long. It is your closet. Yes, that’s right! Since you had to stay at home for so long, you might not have an updated closet. And it is totally fine. Now that the world is finally going back to normal, you need great ensembles. These need to be both comfortable and yet chic. 

If you are from Pakistan then brands like The Glam Cart have got you covered. You can easily buy women’s lounge sets online in Pakistan from such brands. Even if you want women’s lounge & sleepwear sets online in Pakistan then no worries. Because a simple Google search would get you a list of trusted brands. In this helpful article, we will help you with seven different ways you can style loungewear in. You might believe that there are not a lot of ways to style your loungewear. Well, that’s a myth and we’ll show you how. Let’s dive and discuss each one of these ways in detail. 

1. Jazz Your Favorite Loungewear By Using a Cropped T-Shirt

It is great that you have been rocking that oversized tee of yours. However, that’s not only the way to style your basic loungewear. In case you don’t have a cropped T-shirt, that is fine. You can crop it at home without having to use scissors. Fold your oversized tee and fold it into the band of your sports bra. You’ll basically be tucking the hem into the band. 

Throwing in an overall or a jacket can turn this chic look that you can wear in public. So, if you have to go do groceries real quick then you don’t have to dress up. Instead, you can wear the same clothes you wear at home. That is why, at The Glam Cart, we encourage customers to buy our comfy loungewear. Our loungewear sets are the best on the market. Not only because they are high quality but because the fabric used is super comfortable. So, get loungewear that can be worn at home as well as outside. 

Helpful Tip

For the best women’s lounge sets online in Pakistan, contact The Glam Cart. You can find top-notch women’s lounge & sleepwear sets online in Pakistan there. 

2. A Little Accessorizing Of Your Nap Dresses

Nap dresses are not just to be worn at home. Instead, you can wear them outside, but you need to accessorize them properly. The best thing about nap dresses is that they are airy. They are perfect to be worn outside on a hot summer day. 

You can pair your favorite nap dress with flats and go out for a little walk. If you are comfortable with heels, then you can go for them instead of a pair of flats. You can also go for some retro earrings or rings, to make your look even chicer.

3. Transform Your Loungewear With The Right Accessories

Fashion experts believe that accessories have a lot of power. They can transform your whole look but there is one condition. You need to pick them carefully and have fun with them at the same time. So, whatever loungewear you are going for, pay attention to the accessories.

Let’s suppose that you are wearing a crop top with a pair of shorts. Now, this look is incomplete without accessories like oversized sunglasses. You can also add combat boots and matching jewellery. This is how you will complete your look with the right accessories.


At The Glam Cart, we not only offer women’s lounge sets online in Pakistan but jewellery too. Yes, so if you want women’s lounge & sleepwear sets online in Pakistan we are the one. But that is not where our services stop. We also have amazing jewellery for men and women.

4. Pair Silk Loungewear With Heels

Monotone silk loungewear with dark-colored heels is a trend these days. When you are dressed in a monotone dress, you need something to stand out. What is better than something that not only stands out but also complements the outfit.

Let’s suppose that you are wearing a grey-colored outfit. If you pair them with white flats then they would be the cherry on top. They will not only have the attention of the people around you but also would look pretty amazing.

5. Go All Monotone

Monotone separates are pretty trendy these days and this rule applies to loungewear too. You should get a monotone outfit so that the attraction isn’t lost entirely. One great way to ace monotone ensembles these days is to be picky about your shoes.

Like if you have a monotone cropped tee with a trousers, you can wear white chunky boots. These boots will complement your whole look, which is what you want.

6. Go With Not-So-Trendy Sandals

Let’s face it, during the pandemic, nobody had the time to shop or the mental capacity. So, take your ugly sandals out and pair them with your nap dresses. It will not only look chic but also unique.

An oversized shirt with a pair of tights can be matched with sports shoes. These will go perfect for a summer look. That is because during summers you want an airy outfit with shoes that do not heat you up easily.

7. Add a Coat To Change Your Whole Look

During the pandemic, people wore sweats all the time. So, it would be no surprise if, after the pandemic, you have a lot of sweatsuits. You can use these sweats and throw in a coat to turn into an amazing look. Matching separates can also be paired with a solid-colored coat.

So, you see, you don’t have to go and shop more to be ready for this time after the pandemic. Instead, you can just stay home and make use of the loungewear you already have. Or you can also buy the best women’s lounge sets online in Pakistan from The Glam Cart.

7 Amazing Tips To Help You Find the Best Engagement Ring

Congratulations if it is time for you to start ring shopping for your fiancé. Finally deciding to buy a ring is a crazy big step. But if you have reached this point in your life then kudos! Proposals and engagements are great but there is one worry people face. They don’t know how to get an affordable yet beautiful ring. Fashion experts believe that it is not hard to get your hands on the perfect engagement ring. Especially when you have the right tips on your hands to get you started. 

To help you, we spoke with our experts at The Glam Cart. We are not only the best jewellery brand, but you can also buy women’s rings online from here. So, to shop for women’s rings online in Pakistan, you can always rely on us. Our experts gave seven different tips that you need to help you find the best engagement ring. Whether you are finding a solo ring or scouting rings together as a couple, these tips will be very helpful. Without further ado, let’s dive in right away.

1. Knowing the Diamond Shape You Want Matters A lot!

To bring focus to your ring hunt, know what shape you really want. Don’t know how to choose the shape you really like? You can start by simply checking out the best ring sellers. Even when you go shopping for a ring, the seller shows you a catalog. You can look at various cuts from there and know exactly what you want. 

You must know the cut decides the price of the ring. Of course, the carat matters as well but pay attention to the cut. You must know that a round cut would be the most expensive one. In comparison to a round-cut, the marquise and pear shapes are not that expensive. So, if you want to shop for a ring on a budget then pay attention to the cut. Even if you want to buy women’s rings online, ask the seller to show you a catalog. Check out the cut details and assess the prices as well. The one that suits your budget can be picked out.

2. The Band of the Ring Affects The Price Too

Usually, the bands of the rings are made of the following types of metals”

  1. White Gold
  2. Yellow Gold
  3. Platinum
  4. Silver

While buying, ring shoppers find platinum bands really attractive. When it comes to looks, platinum bands are not much different from silver. However, in price, the platinum band can be really expensive. In fact, it can be the most expensive one, overall. Some metal bands deteriorate in quality pretty fast. This is why you need to consult your jeweller to confirm which one is more long-lasting.

The rings collections that are sold by The Glam Cart are made of 925 sterling silver. People who buy women’s rings online with us know that our rings are great in quality. They don’t scratch easily because 925 sterling silver is really long-lasting.

3. Have a Good Idea of Your Carat Size

You must have heard this before that ‘the carat size’ matters. Some people want a very big stone. However, as the carat size goes up, so does the price. So, know the need of the one who is going to wear it. If your partner wants a big clear diamond, chances are the price is going to be high. But some sellers offer good prices for a good-sized carat.

Make sure that the ring you pick out is well-cut. You can always ask your jeweller to show you options that are well-cut and designed. 

4. Shop A Well Measured Ring

You don’t want a ring that does not fit you well. Or a ring that is too tight around your finger. You need to have your finger measured before you place the order.

There might be a size chart available as there are sellers who offer this facility. If you already buy women’s rings online then you might be aware of this. Also, if you are dealing with a jeweller, measuring the ring size will not be too hard. In fact, custom-made rings are always made according to the customer’s finger size. But no matter what the situation is, make sure that your size is perfect.

5. Act Smart About the Certification

Be vigilant as make the necessary inquiries when purchasing anything online. The certification of the stones matter. Many sellers claim that what they sell is authentic and original. But as the buyer who is investing a lot, you need to be sure of the quality of the product.

For your own peace of mind, ask for the certification from the seller. If you are buying from a jeweller, it should not be hard. It can be hard for resellers like The Glam Cart, but you can ask the brand directly. However, if you have to buy women’s rings online then it can be comparatively harder. This is why we suggest that if you are worried about the certification then going to a trusted seller is better. Jewellers are recommended for this reason. 

6. Don’t Take Negotiating Too Light

You should make sure that you negotiate like a boss. Because if you don’t you might have to pay a lot for a great ring. So, the best advice when you want to buy your engagement ring is to be good at bargaining. 

And honestly, if you aren’t good at negotiating, take someone for help. That someone has to be good at negotiating.

7. You Can Try The Wholesale District

Instead of buying something from a brand, you can buy something from nontraditional diamond retailers. It will be less costly and still be better. So, tread carefully if you have a budget. There are some less expensive options on the market too. For example, with The Glam Cart, you can buy the best 925 sterling silver jewellery. 

7 Reasons Why Sterling Silver is Great for Everyday Wear

Besides accessorizing, jewelry is used for so much more. One of the main reasons people have been wearing jewelry since forever is commemorating. It helps people remember certain occasions. And associate special memories with something tangible. There is jewelry that is made for one-time use. While other types are used for everyday use. 

About everyday wear jewelry, we talked to the top seller for women’s jewelry online in Pakistan. The representative from The Glam Cart explained how everyday wear jewelry is important. Especially when you have to go out more frequently than expected. 

There is a concern on parts of people whether sterling silver is good for everyday use. After talking to our representative, we were able to find the answer to this question. 

Note: For the top seller to buy women’s jewelry online, contact The Glam Cart

Is Sterling Silver Really Good and Safe For Everyday Use?

This question is often thrown around in the jewelry industry by customers. Because customers obviously want to know what they are investing in. The answer to this ‘yes’. 

Sterling silver is unlike the pure form of silver which gets dented easily. However, when it comes to sterling silver, there’s no such limitation.

Basically everyday use of sterling silver jewelry can make it dusty. By using home solutions, we can scrub this dirt off easily. In order to clean your everyday jewelry, you need a microfiber cloth. You can use solutions that are specifically made to get rid of the tarnish on your jewelry.

If you are still unsure why you should pick sterling silver for everyday use, that’s okay! We have 7 reasons that will help you understand why sterling silver jewelry is worth it. 

Reasons Why Sterling Silver is Great for Everyday Wear

Without further ado, let’s dive in right away in each one of these reasons!

1. Jewelry Made Out of Sterling Silver is Very Durable!

The durability of sterling silver is pretty promising! Those of you who have used silver know that it is very weak. Especially when it comes to durability, its quality does not stay for long.

This is why people prefer sterling silver because it has 92.5% silver in it. The rest of the 7.5% is compensated with metal alloys. These alloys sustain the quality of sterling silver by making them hard.

There are customers at The Glam Cart that complain that sterling silver is expensive. Being the best retailer where you can buy women’s jewelry online, we know that! However, we also know that the expensive nature of sterling silver is worth it. 

We also have customers that hand our jewelry sets down as heirlooms. This is how much durable sterling silver is. 

2. Honestly, Sterling Silver is Very Trendy!

All the true jewelry lovers know that sterling silver is very trendy. In fact, it is loved by everyone of our customers. That is because we use sterling silver in our jewelry range.

Basically, stainless steel can hold the gems and stones in place, properly. This is where sterling silver becomes relevant. The risk of detachment for the stones and gems is reduced by a great margin with it.

This is one of the reasons why sterling silver is so much in trend. So when you invest in it, you are basically investing in trendy jewelry.

3. With Sterling Silver There Are Unlimited Options For You!

Besides customers, jewelers love sterling silver. You know why? Because it can be molded into any shape. This is what makes it more creative. And this also gives the designer great chances to make designs for everybody.

In sterling silver, you can find a lot of designs. The 925 sterling silver jewelry pieces are perfect and very trendy. That’s because the designs that you see are unique and simple.

4. Sterling Silver Fits Well With Any Look You Want!

It does not matter which look you want to pull off with sterling silver. From an evening look to a day-time one, you can pair sterling silver jewelry with any look.

Whether you are going on a trip to the north or casually meeting friends, sterling silver has got your back.

5. The High Versatility of Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Something That Makes It Stand Out!

You can always use sterling silver jewelry as a staple to monopolize your look. But that’s not the only thing that it offers you.

You can mix your sterling silver picks with other monotone jewels. This can help you add the ‘it’ factor to your look. This way you will have a pretty and subtle impression on the people around.

You can even try your sterling silver jewelry with white gold jewels. It can pair well. We come across many customers at The Glam Cart, who have such combinations in mind. Thankfully enough, our sterling silver spreads more smiles than we expect.

6. Sterling Silver Is Very Safe To Be Used Because It Is A Hypoallergenic Metal!

At The Glam Cart, we see many customers who are worried about unsafe metals. There are many metals, which when used in jewels, can give you allergies.

Sterling silver has 92.5% silver, as we have mentioned already. This high percentage of silver makes sure that your skin does not get allergic reactions. Even the rest of 7.5% of alloy metals are not unsafe for your skin. So you can trust the quality of sterling silver with closed eyes, allergy-wise.

7. Fortunately, Taking Care of Your Sterling Silver Jewels Isn’t A Hassle!

Sterling silver, after everyday use, can get tarnished. But that isn’t a big issue. Why? Because you can clean it off easily. You can even ask your jeweler for a microfiber cloth.

You can use it with a solution that can get rid of the tarnish on your jewelry. It does not affect the quality or the silver. Instead, it just gets rid of the dirt all over. Also, your body oils and sweat can cause tarnish on sterling silver jewelry. So, if your jewelry gets tarnished, don’t panic! Just get a microfiber cloth and clean off the tarnish!